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About Us

suki.collective, a 100% Australian owned and operated company, was created from a shared passion for the stylish things in life. Our founders, Suzan and Nic believe that your home should not only reflect your style but should also be a sanctuary that nurtures your happiness and well-being.

With collective experience in design, furniture & wellbeing, Suzan and Nic bring a refined aesthetic to suki.collective that has been honed over years of exploring and immersing themselves in the world of style. Having both worked and lived around the globe from Australia, Tokyo, Singapore to New York, their shared love of travel has not only broadened their perspective but has also equipped them with a discerning eye for discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The name suki holds special significance for the suki team; it embodies our essence. The word suki, derived from several languages, commonly translates as “to like”, “to love”. At suki.collective, this is precisely what we endeavour to offer customers – the opportunity to fall in love with our carefully curated pieces that will transform those often neglected and underdressed spaces within the home.

Our team is passionate about sourcing homewares collections that include cosy textiles, unique décor pieces and natural botanical body care that is fresh and beautiful…for you.

With a commitment to quality, style, and your complete satisfaction, we warmly invite you to explore and gift yourself and your loved ones with our carefully curated collection of homewares.

At suki. we get it – it’s important to nurture your happiness at home.