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Updated 1 October 2023

At suki.collective we are committed to implementing sustainable decisions across our design, manufacturing and distribution processes. We collaborate with our partners which is important to our mission of driving positive change.

Our sustainability efforts revolve around responsible actions that encompass waste reduction, the promotion of fair labour practices, and active advocacy for eco-friendly policies, some of these efforts are listed below:

As part of our waste reduction initiatives, we proudly offer reusable Tote bags for packaging suki. bed linen. These bags not only safeguard the bed linen but also serve as versatile bags to be recycled for everyday use.

Our partners share our commitment to responsible practices by supporting fair labour standards, employing organisations such as Sedex, a global leader in ethical trade services. Ensuring that working conditions across global supply chains are continuously improved, emphasising the health and well-being of their employees which is super important to suki.collective.

We advocate eco-friendly choices starting with our 100% French flax linen that is an all-natural fibre which is farmed and not a manufactured synthetic material. Our linen is OEKO-TEX certified which signifies that our fabrics undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are free from harmful substances. The dying process our linens undergo are AZO-free meaning the dyeing process is a sustainable approach to colouring textiles and fabrics. It signifies that the dyes used in the process do not contain the group of synthetic chemicals that are contained in AZO compounds.

Our body care partner produces all Australian made products using vegan and cruelty free natural botanicals that are Australian Certified Organic (ACO). When products are certified by ACO as organic, it signifies that they do not contain synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth enhancers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

We hold the belief that embracing a commitment to sustainability by evolving and improving practices is a crucial step toward a more sustainable and resilient future.