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Quick Tips For Styling Your Bed

It can be quick, simple and very stlish.

Layering is key:

  1. Start with the foundation: use a fitted sheet in a soft, breathable fabric like French flax linen. Ensure it fits your mattress properly, it should be nice and snug.
  2. Layer for comfort and style: a flat sheet adds another layer of comfort and flexibility.  It can be tucked in for a more structured look or left loose for a more relaxed vibe.
  3. Duvet duvet!: the duvet cover is the centrepiece. Choose a fabric that complements your sheets and the overall feel you want.  French flax linen is a beautifully natural fabric that not only looks so stylish but also helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep, keeping you cool in summer and cosy in winter. You could colour match with your French flax linen sheets or choose a complimentary colour to add dimension.
  • How to Fold Your Duvet?: there are a couple of different ways to fold your duvet for a stylish look and you can certainly experiment. Our favourite look is to simply fold the top one 5th of the duvet down towards the foot of the bed and having a relaxed flat sheet look or a tucked in flat sheet for a more structured look. 

Pillow piles and cushions – we say keep it simple & stylish:

  1. Simple Stack: we think a simple stack of four sleeping pillows (2 each side of the bed for king and queen sizes) with French flax linen pillowcases on them is stylish. These can be stacked two on top of each other or stacked one in front of the other if you prefer a little more height.
  2. Who doesn’t love a decorative cushion or two on the bed?: in front of your pillow piles, layer two decorative cushions that complement your duvet cover and sheets.  These could have linen covers in a complimentary colour or be a different texture if you would like to add more dimension and visual interest.

Important: Keep it simple and stylish so that you love the look and so that the decorative cushions go on the bed each time it’s made rather than sit on the floor beside the bed!

Accessories – not essential however can add an extra touch:

You could throw on a blanket: drape a throw blanket casually at the foot of the bed for an extra layer of warmth and texture.

Or add a personal touch: placing a small book stack, a framed photo, a small decorative box or ceramic, or a vase with a single stem flower on your bedside table can add a personal touch.

Some additional tips for styling your sleep space:

  • Think texture: consider layering different textures like linen sheets and duvet cover with a velvet decorative cushion, and a chunky knit blanket for a cosy winter feel.
  • Prioritise sustainability: opt for eco-friendly materials like flax linen sheets for a healthy sleep environment and a lighter footprint.
  • Rotate your looks: at sheet washing time, rotate your sheets, choose a different coloured duvet cover and use different decorative cushions – helps keep it interesting.
  • Layer lighting: using ambient lamps on your bedside tables and task lighting for reading if needed.
  • If you have space, don’t forget the foot of the bed: a stylish bench can add functionality and visual appeal.

In summary:

Keeping the look of your bed simple and stylish will most likely mean that it gets made each day! The most important thing is to create a bed that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you get good sleep. Have fun and experiment with different styles to create your perfect sleep space!