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Should I Scrub?

Absolutely & here’s why.

Body scrubs have been a part of skin rituals all over the world for centuries; the Ancient Egyptians were credited for their exfoliation techniques, using scrubs made from sand or plants. So too the Native Americans exfoliated using dried corncobs and particular tribes would exfoliate with handfuls of sand scooped up from the bottom of the riverbed.

Body scrubs are typically massaged onto the skin, usually in gentle, circular motions. This method of using body scrubs encourages proper blood circulation in the body which not only benefits your overall health, but even your skin’s health…win, win!

At suki.collective, we understand that your shower time is sacred. It should be a moment of self- care and rejuvenation. Think of a body polish as a gentle wake up call for your skin cells. It exfoliates, removes dead skins cells and leaves your skin feeling more radiant and glowing – it’s like a breath of fresh air for your skin.

How often should you scrub? We suggest using a gentle body polish at least once a week & up to twice a week.

When choosing your body polish, it’s important to your skin to avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic additives. Your body polish should be all-natural and provide a gentle exfoliation leaving your skin free of dead skin cells.

Focus on areas that tend to be drier; elbows, knees & heels and be sure to lather on a rich body cream or body oil soon after using your body polish as your skin will be ready to absorb moisturiser and will retain maximum hydration.

Our Australian botanical body polish is packed with natural ingredients and formulated with raw sugar, coconut, sea salt and shea butter which work harmoniously to lock in moisture and leave your skin feeling velvety smooth.

So scrub up people!